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Gran Darts - GranBoard LED Action Mat

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Link to the GranBoard 3, GranBoard 3s or GranBoard 132 easily with a USB Cable. LED action interlocks in real time as you are shooting. 360-grain negotiation degree LED lights are placed on both sides of the mat.

  • Easy and smooth Connection
    Easy connection with GranBoards via a USB cable, LED action interlocks without time lag. Even with the mat alone, the LED shines in rainbow colors, creating a darts space at home like a stage.

  • 360-grain negotiation degree LED
    LED strips are placed on both sides of the mat. Enliven hits and awards with gorgeous lighting.

  • Easy installation / self-maintenance 
    The LED reel comes with Velcro so it can be easily installed on the mat.


  • Mat, LED Strip x2, Circuit Box, USB Cable x2, Instruction Manual
  • Dimensions: 3m x 60cm
  • GRAN Mat does not include a USB adapter.
  • GRAN Mat requires a 2.4A (12W) or higher USB power adapter.

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