Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Gerwyn Price Thunderbolt Darts - Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten - 22g 24g

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The Iceman brings Thunder and Passion to every game he plays, and Gezzy’s latest Thunderbolt barrels have been designed specifically to evolve his game to the next level.

Darts’ most passionate performer has maintained the exact integrity of his original World Championship-winning barrel design, adding in the most modern machined dual ring pattern. Thunderbolt’s Dual Ring pattern is colour coded to deftly match The Iceman’s new Hardcore Iceman Flight, creating a visually stunning, all in, projectile. With a front holding 3 finger grip, Gezzy has the lightest touch on his barrel and the evolution he's looking for is one of pure placement with no friction.

These latest Thunderbolt Special Editions offer Gezzy pure pitch and control as the fiery-driven World Champion continues to create his own story.


  • 90% Tungsten
  • Centre Weighted
  • Parallel Barrel
  • Black Grooves
  • Milled Grip, Round Grooves, Square Grooves, Wave (4/5)
  • 1 Set of Hardcore Flights
  • 1 Set of Nitrotech Shafts


Weight Length Width Tungsten %
 22 grams  50.8mm  6.35mm  90%
 24 grams  50.8mm  6.60mm  90% 

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