Scolia - Home - Automated Darts Scoring System with Bulls Termote 2.0 Light

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The Scolia Home scorekeeping unit consists of two main physical components: the camera's and the processing unit. The processing unit calculates the score of each throw in real time using the images of the cameras. The camera's need to be attached to the Bull's Termote 2.0 Light System. In order to use the Bull's Termote Light System, you need a PU Surround. Of course you need a dartboard as well, all dartboards are okay but Scolia prefers a bladed professional dartboard. Scolia runs via a website, so scores can be shown on any internet page, meaning it can be used on a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

* Comes with a EU power plug, you will require a EU>AU adapter plug (not included)


  • Local Game: Play with your friends locally on your Scolia system. X01 and Around The Clock games are available with various configurations for 1 to 4 players.
  • Online Game: Join the lobby and play against anyone else around the world!
  • Computer Opponents: Play against 9 different levels of computer opponents. One of the levels correspond to your personalized bot that matches your skill level based on your statistics!
  • Advanced Analytics: Scolia provides heatmaps and coordinate-based statistics, so that you can get a much more analytical overview of your performance after each game.
  • Game History: A complete history of your previous games is available with various filtering options to find the games you are interested in.
  • Board Monitoring: Monitor your Scolia system on the My Boards page. Besides usage statistics, you can get real-time images of the cameras.
  • Mastercaller: Get an instant audio feedback of the scores you hit during your visit. The Scolia Mastercaller takes care of the scorekeeping!
  • New Games: New games are coming very soon to Scolia, such as Bob's 27, Cricket and Killer. Stay tuned!


  • Regular Dartboard with Standard Dimensions, Traditional Colouring and Traditional Metal Number Ring
  • A Regular One Piece PU Surround
  • Solid Wall with a Flat Surface Around the Dartboard
  • Wired Internet Connection

What's Included:

  • Camera's
  • Processing Unit
  • Bull's Termote 2.0 Light System - Black
  • Power Adapter
  • LAN Cable (5m)
  • Accessories & Tools for Installation

What's NOT Included:

  • A Dartboard
  • A One Piece PU Surround
  • Darts
  • Tablet

    Scolia Home Assembly Video:

    Wayne Mardle Review of the Scolia Pro (Next Model Up):


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