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Odin's Spear Black
Odin's Spear Blue
Viking Raven
Warrior Rutene
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Big Wing size (No 2) has the largest "wingspan" or area of dart flights, which helps keep the dart stable in flight. Useful for heavier dart weights, weak or random throws, and all-around consistency. 

Available Flights:

  • Odin's Spear Black or Blue (1st & 2nd Images):

The Shot Odin's Spear dart flight is designed by Russian Viking designer Raidho.  The legend is the spear was made by the Sons of Ivaldi and then taken by Loki. The spear is described as being so well balanced that it could strike any target, no matter the skill or strength of the wielder.

  • Viking Raven (3rd Image):

The legend of the Viking Raven is this. Two Ravens named Huginn and Munnin sit on Norse God Odin's shoulders. He sends them out to fly over the world at dawn; they return and tell him everything they hear and see. Vikings used the Raven symbol to strike fear into thier enemies in battle.

  • Warrior Rutene (4th Image):

Made for the Warrior Rutene Dart Set, the flight design symbolizes the safety and protection repressed by the curved Unaunahi pattern. 


       1 Set:  3 Flights
       Shape:  Big Wing (No2)
       Thickness:  100 Micron

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