Shot - Warrior Hautoa Darts - Steel Tip - 80% Tungsten - 22g 24g 26g


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If bravery is half the battle, Hautoa – courageous and daring in Te Reo Māori – is your other half. Inspired by its elder brother, Shot Darts Warrior 3, this centre weighted, 80% tungsten barrel has a slim nose with a front shark fin grip. It’s followed by a scalloped band, precision placed to give you perfect centre grip placement and pure confidence. Warrior Hautoa is adorned with cinder grip™ in a contemporary tribal tattoo design, which adds superfine traction and control in distinctive Shot Darts style. The source of your strength is also a challenge to play at your best.


    • Made in New Zealand
    • 3 x 80% Tungsten Darts
    • Grip Rating 2/5
    • Centre Weighted
    • 3 x Warrior Red Standard Flights
    • 3 x Eagle Claw Two Tone Red/Black Intermediate Shafts


    Weight Length Width Tungsten %
     22 grams  50.0mm  6.7mm  80% 
     24 grams  50.0mm  6.9mm  80% 
     26 grams  50.0mm  7.2mm  80% 

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