Shot - Zen Ki Darts - Soft Tip - 80% Tungsten - 18g 20g

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Still mind, sure victory!

The Zen philosophy says 'prioritise carefully, and choose only the essentials'. The Zen range of quality tungsten darts is a pared-back series for focused play, free of distraction. Precision made at the Shot Darts factory in New Zealand, Zen barrels feature classic ring grips and push points that will suit most players and throwing styles.

When you calm the mind, you will master the game. Ki's centre weighted 80% tungsten barrels brings perfect balance and stability to your playing. Whatever your skill level, Ki is the dart to awaken the confidence to win.

This set features and tried and true mix of ring and scallop grips, and a tapered barrel nose for great grouping. Grip and reference points running along the entire length of the barrel will suit many playing styles.


  • Made in New Zealand
  • 3 x 80% Tungsten Darts
  • Grip Rating 3/5
  • Centre Weighted
  • Premium Lippoint
  • 3 x Zen Ki Standard Flights
  • 3 x Black Aluminium Pyramid Shafts





    Length Width Tungsten %
     18 grams  16.5 grams  42.0mm  6.7mm  80% 
     20 grams  18.5 grams  44.0mm  6.6mm  80% 

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