Winmau - Aspria Dual Core Darts - Soft Tip - 85%/95% Tungsten - 20g

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The world of darts has changed with the introduction of the Aspria Dual Core.

Revolutionary bi-directional precision-cut Axis-Grip featuring the latest CAD CAM machining technology enabling total control and unrivaled attention to detail.

Featuring unique Dual Core fusion technology incorporating 95/85% tungsten front-loaded billet to enable perfect balance and trajectory to the target.

Darts that herald a new era of dart design, craftsmanship and accuracy finished with Genuine Gold Plating and Onyx Coating.


  • 95/85% Dual Core Tungsten
  • +/- 0.05g Match Weighed
  • Onyx Performance Coating
  • Gold Precision Plating
  • Parallel Barrel
  • Centre Weighted
  • Axis Performance Grip (5/5)
  • Prism Force Shafts
  • Prism Delta Flights


 Weight Barrel Weight  Length  Width  Tungsten%
 20 grams  18 grams  48.3mm  6.35mm  95/85%

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