One80 - Ascent 03 Darts - Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten - 23g 25g

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One80 Ascent 03 Darts!

With the new series Ascent, ONE80 is expanding its Range to accomodate specialist dart shapes. Varying from front loaded to the classic parallel shape, this series is defined by different convex grip zones and intricate grip patterns. The Ascent is rounded off with a 2 colour titanium coating to give it a stunning visual effect.


  • 90% VHD Tungsten Barrels
  • Black & Gold Titanium Coating
  • 3 x Ascent Flights
  • 6 x Proplast Vice Shafts
  • 1 x Point Protector


Weight Length Width Tungsten %
 23 grams  52.0mm  7.40mm  90% 
 25 grams  53.0mm  7.50mm  90%

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