Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Peter Wright Copper Fusion Darts - Soft Tip - 90% Tungsten - 20g

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With immediate success at the 2023 Nordic Darts Masters, Snakebite Copper Fusion were designed for perfect traction and throw flexibility. This combination of direct power and balanced sensitivity allows Peter to adjust his throw pressure depending on the shot required.

The parallel profile features symmetrical front round rings, with multiple rear grooves complete in beautiful copper effect PVD coating. The genuine gold-plated rings complete the opulent design which is symbolic in every Snakebite range.


  • 90% Tungsten
  • PVD Bronze Coating
  • Parallel Barrel
  • Centre Weighted
  • Square Grooves Grip (3/5)
  • 1 Set of Hardcore Player Flights
  • 1 Set of Nitrotech Polycarbonate Shafts


Weight Barrel Weight Length Width Tungsten %
 20 grams  18 grams  50.8mm  6.2mm  90%