Shot - L-Style - L6 - Slim Moulded Dart Flights

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Shot L Flights are super durable and always open at 90 degrees for perfect aerodynamics. Soft, flexible materials make fine-tuning easy.

These precision flights are adorned and embellished with your favorite Shot designs!


  • Moulded flights with Shot Designs. These flights will work with almost any shaft at any length.
  • Pre-moulded fins at 90 degrees allow for maximum accuracy.
  • Pre-fitted wih champagne rings.
  • Ultra-durable reinforced top, and bottom edges reduce tearing and enable the flights to keep their shape.

Available Flights:

  • Odin's Spear (1st Image)
  • Viking Raven (2nd Image)
  • Warrior Rutene (3rd Image)


     1 Set:  3 Flights
     Shape:  Slim (L6)
     Thickness:  Moulded 150 Micron

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