Shot - Warrior Rutene Darts - Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten - 22g 23g 24g 25g 26g

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Meet Warrior Rutene, the front-weighted version of Shot's popular Kapene dart barrel. Kapene may be Captain, but Rutene is the steadfast, unwavering Lieutenant. This 2IC puts in the hard yards, doing the mahi (work) to earn respect and skill. Rutene celebrates the unsung hero – their sheer graft and determination to see it through and keep the team focused. 

Featuring a similar telescopic shark fin grip as Warrior Kapene, the Rutene's barrel-long push point lets you throw cleanly from any part of the dart. A scallop sits just back from the dart center, allowing for favorable placement for dart players who prefer to throw from the middle. This barrels sleeve design symbolizes the safety and protection represented by the curved Unaunahi pattern. The two borderlines represent the Rutene/Lieutenant rank.


  • Made in New Zealand
  • 3 x 90% Tungsten Darts
  • Match Weighted +/- 0.05 gm
  • Cinder Grip Coating
  • Torpedo Barrel
  • Front Weighted
  • Wide Shark Grip (3/5 Grip Rating)
  • 3 x Warrior Rutene Flights
  • 3 x Tao Carbon Dart Shafts


    Weight Length Width Tungsten %
     22 grams  50.0mm  7.0mm  90% 
     23 grams  52.0mm  7.2mm  90% 
     24 grams  52.0mm  7.3mm  90%
     25 grams  52.0mm  7.4mm  90%
     26 grams  52.0mm  7.5mm  90%

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