Target - Official Adrian Lewis Gen 3 Dart Shirts - XS to 5XL

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The 2019 authentic dart shirt of Adrian 'Jackpot' Lewis in a lightweight, breathable material, this shirt from Target Darts is worn by the 2 x World Champion.

In a distinctive black and blue colour scheme, this is the ultimate dart shirt to ensure you stand out.

Available in sizes XS to 5XL.

Size Chart:

Size Chest Length
 XS  48cm  68cm
 S  50cm  70cm
 M  53cm  73cm
 L  55cm  75cm
 XL  58cm  77cm
 2XL  62cm  79cm
 3XL  65cm  80cm
 4XL  67cm  83cm
 5XL  71cm  86cm

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