Target - Pro Player - Ten-X Dart Flights

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Phil Taylor G7:

The Power G7 flight delivers a beautiful red and black colour scheme ensuring you stand out from the rest and is completed with an understated pattern featuring Phil's trademark lightning bolts and the number 16 in reference to his record breaking 16 x World Champion wins.

Rob Cross G2:

The 'Voltage' Pro.Ultra flights features a spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip. This bold eye-catching design is featured in the Rob Cross Gen 2 dart and features his iconic aqua 'V', an icon recognised across the 'Voltage' range.


The Raymond Van Barneveld G3 Pro.Ultra flights feature a spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip. This vivid design is found in the RVB Generation 3 dart and features RVB's trademark camo print overlaid with vibrant orange & black colour.


 1 Set:  3 Flights
 Shape:  Ten-X
 Thickness:  100 Micron